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Naglaa Mahmoud mengundang revolusi kebangkitan wanita di mesir ?

Apa yang aku bimbang daripada ucapan Mdm Najlaa Mahmud mengenai gelaran beliau sebagai "Khadam pertama" ialah beliau akan di tohmah kerana melambangkan WANITA MESIR MERELAKAN DIRI MEREKA DIPERHAMBAKAN . Baguslah kalau tiada tentangan dari dalam Mesir mengenai perkara ini. Tetapi jika dilihat dari laporan yang dibuat oleh Forbes Women Egypt's Veiled First Lady Provides Clues To Where Women Fit Into New Egypt
Naglaa Ali Mahmoud, wife of Egypt’s leader, Mohamed Morsi, wears a traditional Islamic head covering and her wardrobe choice is forcing Egyptians, and the world, to confront the the country’s pending gender reality. Morsi’s wife, who prefers to go by Um Ahmed, is making a greater statement on what the Brotherhood thinks about where women belong than they could ever articulate. So do religious conservatives, who commonly apply the burqa as a statement of power, a tool to demonstrate their presence. When the Islamic extremists want to let you know they are in town, there is no better way than covering up and restricting the visibility of women. Dalia Ziada, an Egyptian human rights activist agrees:
The Muslim Brotherhood in fact has a shameful record of marginalizing women in the group, until it needs to abuse them to beautify the group’s image. All through its history, the Muslim Sisters have never been allowed access to the leadership office of the Muslim Brotherhood group. The Muslim Brothers have changed this only in the past year by establishing the Freedom and Justice political party. It hired some women in the supreme committee of the party, but they are the wives, daughters, or relatives of leading brothers. We do not know much about them and they rarely, if ever, appear in public to speak on behalf of their party. Although the Muslim Brotherhood allows women to run for parliamentary elections, they put them at the bottom of the ticket or support them with weak campaigns…This makes the group appear to be respecting women rights; in reality it is doing the opposite.
It appears as though the supposed normalcy of Egypt’s new President and his wife appeal to the Egyptian public. And perhaps the fact that she does not reflect what the West wants as much as what the majority of Egyptian people actually are, is one of this new political power couple’s strongest assets. An Egyptian student states that the new First Lady “looks like my mother, she looks like my husband’s mother…They’re people like us. It is a strange relief to people. The people feel that there’s a change.” And for now, change is what Egyptians are seeking the most comfort in, however remote, however emblematic.
Masih terdapat sedikit ketidakpuashatian daripada AKTIVIS HAK ASASI MANUSIA WANITA yang memperkatakan mengenai perkara ini apa bila kita mengambil perhatian kepada kenyataan yang di kemukakan oleh aktivis hak asasi manusia di Mesir.
Isnin, Julai 02, 2012
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