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Posted by : Mahadi Mahbol Rabu, Februari 02, 2011

Laporan terkini dari Sumber di Cairo, Mesir.
Dan Dikhabarkan Datuk Zahid Hamidi juga telah mengarahkan Pesawat Hercules C-130 Untuk digunakan dalam Proses Pemindahan Rakyat Malaysia Yang terjejas didalam Zon Konflik di Mesir. PADA KADAR SEGERA

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Update from Cairo : Answer to Q : y dont we use c-130 hercules bawak trus ke MY? If prnh naik, it is very uncomfortable. The flight takes 9 hours. Dalam C-130 bukan mcm Airasia or MAS. lol. If you take out the seats lagi la. Sgt x selesa. X de toilet. 9 hours one way boleh bawak 40 ppl. pi MY balik Egypt dah 18 hours. So better berkumpul di Jedda shj.
Update from Cairo : Egypt -> Out via sea KD Bunga Mas -> nearby Arab states -> flight to MY or stay in Jedda
Update from Cairo: Elbaradei is a US stooge but he is weak. Everyone knows this including Al-Ikwan. If election is called then Al-Ikhwan will win big. Israel is pressuring Obama to keep Mubarak or find other ways. Israel believed Elbaradei is as weak as Mehdi Bazargan (iranian revolt 79).
Update from Cairo : Intel info cont - The army have until before Friday prayer to make their minds up whether to associate with Mubarak or abandon him. Currently US and the army is trying to have a coalition government btw Oppo & Govt which function as an interim Govt until the election is called
Update from Cairo : Intel info : the stand-off btw Mubarak regime-Army-protester will reach its peak this Friday. The Muslim Brotherhood is planning one last push. If that happens, on Saturday morning there will be only one standing. We expect all Malaysian students will be out of Egypt by then, Insyallah.
Update from Cairo : All Malaysian students are safe and ready to be taken to nearby arab states (e.g. Jedda) by sea and air
Update from Cairo : Due to constant FITNAH and rumours going on, parents who have called their children are requested to spread the news of what the Govt is doing. Many ppl think the Govt just goyang kaki only and only now start to help
Update from Cairo : TLDM ship arrived in Athens. The ship, Bunga Mas, sailed from Gulf of Aden. Students are now packing. Students will be moved to nearby countries. They will not be sent home. Parents are advised to call their children via mobile.
Update from Cairo : Please spread this news - Malaysian parents buying ticket for their children are advised NOT TO BUY from Egyptian Air. Walaupun Egyptian Air direct flight to Malaysia, 95% of their flights are cancelled and most probably your money will get burned

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